Fifteen miles south of downtown, Franklin is home to beautiful estates and scenic properties.  The lush community offers portrait and headshot locations ranging from a historic downtown square to sprawling modern mansions.  Franklin has countryside, horse farms, and 18 recreational parks each with their own character, covering more than 900 acres with an endless array of natural beauty.

In 2009, Franklin was given recognition by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and bestowed with the title Distinctive Destination for it’s diverse variety of beautiful architecture and cultural historical locations and Franklin’s endless commitment to historical preservation.  Also, in 2009 Downtown Franklin was named one of the Top Ten Great Neighborhood by the American Planning Association.

A mix of progress and history, Franklin grew from a small farming community to a bustling center of commerce and beauty.  There are antebelleum mansions and a Civil War Battlefield offering unique perspectives on the history of the South. The historic downtown district is a sprawling 15 blocks of beauty and history filled with beautiful shops, cafes, and local businesses offering a variety of services. 

You would be hard pressed to find a more suitable community for professional headshots and portraits.  The historic city square offers a glimpse at our past that combined with Ash’s creativity can create timeless images. The city square is also just minutes from the beautiful Harpeth River.  The river offers endless opportunity for professional portrait and headshot environments that capture the awe of the natural. 


All of this adds up to a perfect locale for your professional portrait or headshot shoot.  Ash can work with you to scout locations for your session ahead of time. Whether your photography needs call for a modern or timeless approach, Franklin has dozens of opportunities scattered throughout this beautiful city.

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