best-headshot-uncropped-nashville-6Ever wonder exactly what you’re going to get from your photographer? You’re not alone. This headshot blog post is an example of just that. Below are several galleries with short explanations to demonstrate to you exactly what you get when you book your session with Nashville and Louisville’s Best Headshot Photographer.

Each gallery contains different versions of the same images. These images were chosen by the headshot client to be fully retouched. Nashville and Louisville Headshot clients can receive everything you see here, in both high and web resolution. Each client can purchase a photo DVD that contains their finished images, all of their session images, and a copy of your commercial rights and reproduction license that allows you to have prints produced anytime, anywhere. These images were produced in a three look or “full” session.

Each package contains a specified number of selections available for retouching. The full session provides 6 retouches. However, I’m always looking for opportunities to under-promise and over-deliver. Every client can count on getting more than they bargained for. I often retouch a few of my own favorites in addition to the selections you’ve made and provide them to you at no additional cost!

The first gallery contains un-cropped, fully retouched headshot images. These headshot images have been fine tuned and polished in the post production process. They represent the best headshots from the session. Some were selected by the client and others selected by myself.

The second gallery contains four versions of each of the above headshots that have been cropped at an 8 x 10 ratio. Professional headshots are always printed as 8 x 10s, but the camera doesn’t shoot this way. To best serve all of my Nashville headshot clients, I create four 8 x 10 crops of the images: two in landscape, two in portrait. This insures that you will have all of the assets you need when meeting with talent agents or casting directors. With a variety of crops like these, you can rest assured that your headshot images will be able to withstand any subtle changes in headshot photography trends over the next two years.

In the following gallery, you will see formatted headshots. Every entertainment headshot client receives formatted and ready-to-print headshots with a traditional 1/4″ border on three sides and the actor’s name down at the bottom. These formal actor’s headshots are provided in both landscape and portrait orientation, for your convenience. After all, the silver screen and most televisions are widescreen; shouldn’t your headshot be presented that way, too? Though, the standard, for now, is still portrait orientation in commercial headshots, so you get both!

Every headshot client can receive ALL of their session images on DVD in high resolution. The remaining session images are all incredible – even without a spot of retouching. The entire session images are only included with the optional DVD; everything you’ve just seen here is included every time!