Ash Wright Photography produces all Nashville photography studio sessions in the luxurious Vue studio located in the Germantown neighborhood of downtown Nashville. Focused as much on the comfort of the client as it is the needs of the photographer, VUE Nashville caters to your unique production needs to enhance your experience far-beyond your expectations.

Clients are warmly welcomed with a bevy of conveniences to set a most-comfortable stage for their projects.  From espresso to wifi, Vue has tailored the studio to provide a near-resort style experience.  Take a vacation from your day-to-day as you relax and produce your creative project. The studio’s brilliantly lit space guarantees you won’t miss any detail in your preparations for your on-camera time, and the many offered accoutrements let you do so at the highest level of comfort anywhere outside your home.

Need a production space?  We’re ready to help you create.  Visiting photographers can expect an experience at Vue unlike any other studio.   Vue provides the latest amenities and technology to help you achieve your creative goals.  The studio management team is ready to meet any special requests your project may entail. Whether it’s odd hours or catering for your talent and crew, Vue is equipped to handle the most unique projects.  For more studio rental information, please continue reading below.


Comfort reigns supreme at Vue.  Every available amenity is curated to create a production space that works with you as you produce your creative projects.   Vue offers cozy seating for clients, a 55" 4K TV for tethering and entertainment, sound system, wifi, cyc-wall, drop-seamless, professionally-lit makeup area, espresso and coffee machines, beer, bourbon, and soft drinks. ALL included with your rental.


The Vue Nashville Studio was designed with production in mind.   From ample space and great lighting to seven day availability, Vue is able to provide an incredible production space for any kind of creative project.  Vue even offers flexible scheduling to accommodate after-hours clients and those who may only need a space for an hour.  Whatever needs your project has, just ask and Vue answers.


Need some gear?  Vue has it.   Vue offers all of the modern studio accessories from c-stands, apple boxes, a-clamps, gaffer tape, v-flats, reflectors, light stands, umbrellas, beauty dishes, octobanks, softboxes, constant lights, Paul Buff AlienBee's and Profoto lighting equipment.  Did we forget something? We probably have that too. Just let us know your needs and we will accommodate.

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